Welcome to BioGreen Recycling

Biogreen Recycling Ltd is an innovative Irish Company that specializes in a one stop recycling service for commercial; customers throughout Ireland. We encourage our customers to adopt the best recycling practices at source to help reduce landfill waste and in turn help protect the environment. Although Biogreen is relatively new, the management have been engaged in various sectors of Waste Management and Environmental Services for many years. They management designed and built a fully automated facility for a sister company in Ireland, which accepted Dry Mixed Recyclable Material which was then separated into the individual recyclables. They are committed to achieving the highest possible degree of separation in their plants through new and innovative sorting equipment.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. Biogreen is here to lead the race against waste and combining our automated sorting process we can guarantee that all materials passing through the facility are separated to the highest standard.

Our Mission at BioGreen Recycling:

A one-stop facility for Dry Mixed Recyclables. Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Steel and Electrical.

To recycle using Innovative Eco Friendly means.

Offer the most competitive market price.

Save our customers time and money.

Provide a friendly alternative to achieve a similar goal.

Provide a service second to none in the industry.